Key Benefits & FAQ's

  • Regular Weekly Payments
  • No Chasing Customers for Payment
  • No Weekend Work - Five Day Week
  • No Experience Required - Full Technical & On-Site
  • Training is Provided
  • Unlimited Field Support by Trade Qualified Experts
  • Exclusive Territories
  • Cutting Edge Paint & Plastic Repair Technology
  • Centralised Administration Provided by the National Support Office
  • Multi-Award Winning System
  • Product Distribution Centre

Our most commonly asked questions

    • Are there any other upfront costs?

      Upfront costs you will incur outside the purchase of your franchise will usually consist of the purchase of a vehicle, professional fee’s (legal and accounting) and the costs of setting up the entity you will be operating (if your accountant recommends you set up a company, partnership or sole trader). You will also incur costs to register your business name (all of these should options should be discussed with your accountant).

    • Are travel and accommodation costs included in the initial training fee?
      Yes. Travel and accommodation costs for the initial three week training period are covered in your franchise fee.
    • Are you a member of the FCA?

      We have been an active member of the Franchise Council of Australia since 1995.

    • Can I talk with other franchisees?
      Yes, we encourage you to contact several of our franchisees, especially those who are in locations near the one you are considering. We will provide you with contact details once you have completed our initial application process.
    • Does Superfinish Express provide services to the general public?

      Superfinish Express mobile repair services are provided exclusively to trade customers because this has proven to be the most profitable business model. As a rule of thumb, franchises that deal with the general public need to find new customers each and every day and spend a good proportion of their budget on advertising for new business. Alternatively, trade customers are repeat customers providing consistent and quality cosmetic repair work all year round, regardless of the prevailing economic conditions. Remember, our Superfinish Express support team will assist you to get started in your area and help you to establish your trade customer base.

    • Do I need experience?

      Previous painting or auto trade experience is not required. We provide full training in all aspects of the franchise business from the technical repair processes right through to customer service. Even if you are a qualified panel beater or spray painter, you’ll be surprised to learn how different the repair processes are in a mobile situation.

      Superfinish Express has successfully trained franchisees from all walks of life. Our franchisees include ex-carpenters, electricians, mechanics, sales professionals and even computer hardware and software technicians.

  • Do you charge renewal fees?

    No, our renewal terms are 5 years, and we don’t charge any renewal fees on the second or third terms, the only cost to renew a contract is the solicitors fee to draw up a renewal agreement, which is around $1600.

  • Do you have any finance options?

    We do not currently offer any finance options.

  • How do I buy a franchise?

    Buying a franchise is a fairly easy process which starts when you make your initial contact either by submitting a contact form or phoning us directly on 1800 455 005. This gives us an opportunity to discuss the business with you and answer any initial questions you may have regarding territories available, finances etc. We will then post to you a prospective franchise pack, which includes an information booklet, confidentiality agreement and initial franchise enquiry form for you to complete and return. Once we receive these completed documents we will then provide you with more specific information on your territory and encourage you to contact our franchisees and meet the support team at the national office. At this stage we will answer any additional questions you may have. From here we sign agreements and commence training.

  • How long have you been in business

    Our first mobile repair service began operating in 1993 and the business began franchising across Australia in 1995.

  • How many franchisees do you have?

    Superfinish Express operates on an exclusive territory basis to provide franchisees with the maximum opportunity to achieve profitability and success. We currently have 35 franchisees operating successfully across Australia.

  • How much administrative support is offered?

    One of the benefits of owning a Superfinish Express mobile franchise is that we offer a lot of administrative support. Our accounts team at the national office is a natural extension of your business. We take care of chasing your customers for payment and providing you with monthly financial information to track your performance and growth. Our automated invoicing system makes sure you get paid each and every week and helps to simplify the bookkeeping requirements for operating your own franchise business.

    • Low capital investment – high income potential
    • No experience required - full technical and on-site training provided
    • Regular weekly payments
    • Unlimited field support by trade qualified experts
    • Exclusive territories
    • Low overheads
    • Cutting edge paint and plastic repair technology
    • No chasing customers for payment
    • No weekend work - five day week
    • Centralised administration provided by the national support office
    • Multi-Award winning system
  • How much bookkeeping is involved?

    A minimal amount of bookkeeping is required. While you will need to keep a simple set of books, our administrative team at national office is a natural extension of your business. We take care of your accounts receivable and pay you each week. We also provide a customised software package that provides you with access to your weekly and monthly figures immediately. The only book-keeping you are required to do is your quarterly BAS Statement and annual Tax Return.

  • How much do franchises cost?

    All franchisees start at $49,500 including GST, which covers all the equipment and materials you will need to operate a franchise including, a stainless steel fit out on your caddy, legal and administration fees, Work, Health and Safety manuals, complete uniform package, full training plus travel and accommodation costs during training, as well as a customised software package and lap top. The only thing you need to provide is a simple white commercial caddy which we will sign write for you.

  • How much will my fees be if I take time off?

    Superfinish Express makes allowances for holidays and do not charge any fees during your holiday period. You must inform head office and your customers if you are taking holidays.

  • How much working capital should I have?

    This would be completely dependent on your own personal financial situation, there are no constant major overheads (such as wages and rent).

  • How often do I get paid?

    Getting paid is simple. All you need to do is invoice your customers for the car repair work you have completed using our e-billing system and we will automatically pay you each week.

  • On average how many hours do franchisees work each week

    Working a standard five day week is all that's required to operate a successful Superfinish Express mobile franchise. That means no weekend work and plenty of time to enjoy the flexibility and lifestyle benefits that comes with owning your own business.

  • What is a franchise business?

    The International Franchise Association defines franchising as a "continuing relationship in which the franchisor provides a licensed privilege to do business, plus assistance in organising training, merchandising and management in return for a consideration from the franchisee". For more information on franchising, please visit the Franchise Council of Australia.

  • What is the age limitation on a second hand Volkswagen Caddy?

    In order for it to meet our presentation requirements, a second hand Caddy needs to be no older than 10 years old.

  • What is the initial start up cost?

    The initial startup cost for a greenfield area is $49,500 + cost of new or second hand vehicle.

  • What makes Superfinish Express stand out from its competitors?

    Superfinish Express is a family owned and operated company. It is the market leader in automotive paint and plastic repairs for the quality and range of its repair services. It was awarded the only patent for repairing damaged paintwork and is the only mobile automotive repair franchise to claim the Franchise Council of Australia's prestigious 'Franchise System of the Year' award for Home-based and Mobile Outlets 21-100. Superfinish Express have won many other industry awards and featured in the Australian Financial Review's Smart Investor list for Best Value Franchise Systems. See a full list of our franchise business achievements here.

  • What support do offer underperforming franchises?

    For under-performing franchisees we offer our ‘Progress improvement program’ which is a close look at how you are operating and how you are interacting with your customers. We always offer any further training at National Office free of charge, all you need to do is organise your flights and accommodation in Brisbane.

  • Why do I need to visit the National Support Office?

    As we work closely with our franchisees we like to get a personal relationship started from the very start. A face to face meeting is the best way to get this relationship started and to determine if we are compatible in business. It also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions about the franchise and get a glimpse of how Superfinish Express operates.

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